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Bioidentical hormone replacement is a relatively new field of very innovative and forward thinking medicine. Advances in science have shown that the use of bioidentical hormones can ease the symptoms of menopause and counteract the effects of ageing and disease in both men and women.

As we age our bodies change and many of our hormones reduce and alter leading to symptoms that we are familiar with in the menopause, and more recently accepted in men known as the andropause.

Dr Connolly can help you address these issues by way of replacing the deficient hormones using individually compounded hormones which are identical to the chemicals that the body produces – hence the name bioidentical. They are still synthetic (man made) but are not chemically different like most of the treatments offered to menopausal women through the NHS.

The process involves a very detailed consultation, assessment and blood tests to assess the current state of the body’s hormones. Specific hormones and treatments are then prescribed and re-assessed through blood and saliva tests until Dr Connolly is happy that the treatments that you are receiving have reached the correct status quo. Regular tests are done throughout the year to ensure that the treatments that are being prescribed remain ideal for you as the body systems are continually changing.

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