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Dr Connolly offers PRP treatments for hair rejuvenation, suitable for male pattern hair loss and female early menopausal hair thinning. The treatment has a modest effect and will benefit mostly those who have early and mild hair loss. It is not a substitute for a hair transplant but may be used to augment the retention of hair follicles implanted during such a procedure.

PRP treatment is very simple. Dr Connolly will take a sample of blood and then separate the various components in the blood using a centrifuge. The key component is the platelets which are preserved with some of the plasma. Platelets act as 'first responders' whenever the body is injured and provide growth factors and repair factors to repair the tissue that have been damaged. When used in healthy tissue we get the same release of all of these beneficial factors. The trigger for this is the platelets being outside the blood stream. As soon as they are injected into the superficial layers of the skin they start working and help stimulate existing and dormant hair follicles.

Studies have shown that treated areas can see in an increased number of hair follicles and these can be thicker and darker. The best results will depend on the degree of hair loss, its location and if there is any underlying reasons for it. Dr Connolly will discuss all of these issues with you during your consultation. If you are in Glasgow, Edinburgh or Lanarkshire  and would like to book an appointment at Aesthetics Glasgow for PRP, please get in touch.


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