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Botox and fillers  are not always the answer to achieving beautiful and healthy skin. Rather, maintaining a youthful and vibrant look requires a holistic approach. As we age and especially as we enter our 30s, many detrimental changes occur in the skin. We no longer produce elastin and the amount of collagen we make is diminished.

The skin no longer repairs from sun damage the way it did in our youthful years and signs of sun damage appear (irregular pigmentation, fine line, sunspots, thickened damaged and dehydrated outer layers). The loss of elastin and collagen contributes to the loss of bounce and this is when we see lines developing in these years.

For problems of sun damage and ageing we need to correctly stimulate and defend the skin. Dr Connolly has always recommended Obagi Nuderm and Tretinoin to achieve the correction regardless of how bad the damage has been and then a milder Obagi regime like ZO or 360 with the correct sunscreen and Vitamin C to help maintain and promote healthy and youthful skin.

Please visit Dr Connolly at Aesthetics Glasgow for a consultation, and he will be able to discuss your needs and the best course of treatment for you.


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