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Botox has become a term that most of us are now familiar with. It is most frequently used to relax muscles and in doing so softens and reduces lines and wrinkles. A combination of science and art is essential to achieve the perfect result when treating facial lines and wrinkles. Many people will be familiar with the many celebrities who have had poorly performed treatments. These will include the frozen face, the Mr Spock eyebrows, drooping top eyelids and asymmetry to name but a few.

Every face has subtle differences in the way their muscles act and how their lines are produced. If a Botox treatment is performed incorrectly,  muscles become frozen and cannot move, which results in an unnatural look. However with Dr Connolly’s experience and understanding, the perfect result of softer lines that do not look like they have been treated and a fresher, less tired look is easily achieved.

Botox has many other uses that are less well known about. It can effectively abolish underarm sweating for up to 9 months and can even reduce sweating in palms and scalp. Migraines will settle in 80% of those treated, saving  patients the misery and disruption caused by this debilitating condition. For those who suffer from tooth grinding and clenching the masseter muscle can be thinned and relaxed to alleviate this. This will also produce a thinner less square jaw profile. It is also effective in reducing gummy smile and can correct some forms of facial asymmetry.

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